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16/1 Line linen - DYED

    16/1 Line linen - DYED

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    Unit: 125 gr tube
    Stats: 125g = 1,400m (4.4oz = 1,531yd) / 11,200 meters/kilo (5,556 yards/pound)
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    Size 16/1 line linen from Bockens.

    Our line linen is made from the longest, strongest, most beautiful flax fibers available today. Heirloom table linens made from these yarns will last well into future generations. If you are planning to put a lot of time into making a beautiful linen piece, it is of the utmost importance that you use the very best materials be found. Look no further than this!

    Hint for selvages on a single ply linen warp: Use our linen lace yarn for a few threads on each side of your warp.