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Stjerne coverlet, choose your colors

    Stjerne coverlet, choose your colors
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    This has been one of our most popular coverlets over many years. We adapted it from Åklær Åkle ei seng, a book that is currently out of print. Purchase this warp all ready to beam onto your loom at home. No need to worry about the math, simply choose your colors and let us do the rest.

    Coverlet to go - warp length options
    3 meter warp chain + small weft pack185.00
    6 meter warp chain + large weft pack275.00
    2-panel 6m warp chain + small weft pack185.00
    All Warps-to-go are custom wound per order and are not returnable.

    How to choose your colors:

    1. Find our 6/1 Singles wool, 16/2 cotton, and 16/1 linen colors via the Related Items below. Each yarn page has its own Yarn Mini-Playground to help you explore.
    2. Use this handy PDF chart to keep track of your color names and numbers.
    3. Email your color choices to orders@vavstuga.com at the time you place your order.
    color selection chart

    Project details:

    • This warp is wound with 4 ends in hand ready for beaming, as described in our "Flippy" book. Having 4 ends together on the lease sticks makes the threading more foolproof.
    • Structure: Daldräll (overshot)
    • Warp: 16/2 cotton
    • Pattern weft: 6/1 Singles wool
    • Plain weave weft: 16/1 linen
    • Reed: 70 (metric)
    • Warp width: 107 cm (2-panel option: 54 cm)
    • Weave length: 160 cm for coverlet (2-panel option: 160 cm x 2)
    • 4 shafts, 6 treadles
    • Heddles required: 1496 (2-panel option: 752)

    (Choose your own colors for all yarns)

    • Warp chain - 16/2 cotton - choose your length
    • Weft pack - your choice:
      1. Small weft pack =
        3 skeins 6/1 Singles wool pattern weft + 1 skein each of 5 accent colors + 2 tubes 16/1 linen for plain weave
      2. Large weft pack =
        6 skeins 6/1 Singles wool pattern weft (3 skeins for 1st coverlet, 3 skeins for 2nd coverlet) + 1 skein each of 5 accent colors + 2 tubes 16/1 linen for plain weave
    • Vävstuga project sheet

    Let us know if you want to back your coverlet with a sheepskin!

    Photos above:

    1. Stjerne coverlet with plain weave band edging of 16/2 linen and sheepskin backing
    2. Tablecloth woven on the same warp with cottolin pattern weft
    3. Fabric woven in 16/2 cotton plain weave on remainder of warp