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Dress Your Loom the Vävstuga Way: A Bench-Side Photo Guide ("Flippy")

    Dress Your Loom the Vävstuga Way: A Bench-Side Photo Guide ("Flippy")
    Author: Becky Ashenden, photos by Ernie Conover
    Details: Vävstuga Press, 2013. 8.5" x 5.5", spiral-bound, 135pp.
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    Vävstuga Press has provided the best seat in the weaving studio: looking over Becky Ashenden's shoulder while dressing a loom. This photo essay contains 280 images of concise step-by-step instructions which include:

    • Winding your warp
    • Preparing the loom for beaming
    • Preparing the warp for beaming
    • Beaming the warp using a trapeze
    • Threading and sleying
    • Tying on to the front of the loom
    • Counterbalance and countermarch tie-up instructions

    The book measures 8.5" x 5.5" and is spiral bound to lie flat on your bench for easy viewing. We affectionately call this little gem the "Flippy," since its binding lets you flip easily from page to page.