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Invent your own rag rug

    Invent your own rag rug
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    Rag rug to go - warp options
    optionwarp lengthprice
    212 ends, dyed cotton3 meters45.00
    212 ends, dyed cotton6 meters60.00
    276 ends, dyed cotton3 meters60.00
    276 ends, dyed cotton6 meters75.00
    All Warps-to-go are custom wound per order and are not returnable.

    Choose your colors below.

    Our 12/6 cotton rug warp is the highest quality warp to be found for rag rugs, due to its long fiber content and tight double twist. When woven under tight tension and with a hard beat, your rug will not buckle or ripple, but always lie flat and firm on the floor. Our stripe design is colorful and fun, or choose a solid color if you prefer, and let us know. So much opportunity for design, and making good use of cast-off clothing and other textile goods. No need to worry about the math, simply choose one of our colorways, or invent your own.

    How to invent your own colorway:

    Email your color choices to orders@vavstuga.com when you place your order.

    12/6 cotton rug warp
    Yarn Playground
    interactive tool
    color selection chart
    Color Selection
    PDF chart
    1. Explore our Yarn Playground interactive tool to customize this winding.
    2. Note that our Yarn-in-a-Jar design tool gives more accurate color representation than your screen.
    3. Use this handy PDF chart to keep track of your color names and numbers, or choose a solid color if you prefer. (If any of your chosen colors are out of stock, we will contact you so that you can choose a substitute.)
    4. Email your color choices to orders@vavstuga.com at the time you place your order.


    • Warp chain - 12/6 cotton rug warp
    • Project sheet for plain weave
    • Quills or warp yarn for header and warp repairs

    Project details:

    • All warps are wound with 4 ends in hand ready for beaming, as described in our "Flippy" book.
    • 212 ends: ~60 cm wide (35 dent reed) or ~70 cm wide (30 dent reed)
    • 276 ends: ~80 cm wide (35 dent reed) or ~90 cm wide (30 dent reed)
    • Shrinkage might be around 15%
    • 2 or 4 shafts, 2 treadles
    • Heddles required: 212 or 276