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Metal temple, range of sizes

    Metal temple, range of sizes
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    from $50.00

    Our metal temples have coarse teeth that are angled steeply down into the weaving, making them a popular choice for rugs.

    See also my instructional mini-movie below about how to adjust a temple.

    Metal temple
    20–25 cm (8–10")50.00
    25–32 cm (10–13")52.00
    30–45 cm (12–18")55.00
    40–60 cm (16–24")57.00
    50–70 cm (20–27")59.00
    60–90 cm (24–36")62.00
    70–105 cm (28–41")72.00
    80–130 cm (31–51")75.00
    90–145 cm (35–57")80.00
    100–165 cm (39–65")85.00