Glimåkra reeds are an economical choice and are lightweight, made in the traditional way with cord wrappings on a wooden spine. The flexible dents are made with thinner steel than the American reeds, which can be an advantage in sleying the reed (especially fine reeds), and for ease of repairing broken warp ends since you can easily open the dent with a fingernail. If we don't have what you need in stock, you will need to wait until our next shipment comes in (4–12 weeks).

Gowdey reeds are made here at home in the USA, only one state away from us in Rhode Island. Their sturdy epoxy-bound construction makes them a durable choice. This is an advantage if you get dent damage with the lighter-weight reeds. They can tolerate hard use and are especially recommended for rugs, weaving with no temple, or anything else heavy duty, but can be used to weave any fabric.