Bench, padded with tilt adjustment

    Bench, padded with tilt adjustment
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    AK:s Snickeri in Öxabäck manufactures this wonderful padded and tilt-adjustable bench. Many of our students who have lower back issues will only weave on this bench, and they are happy weaving all day long.

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    Take care of your back when you weave!
    Weaving for long periods of time on a flat bench can create a heavy load on the discs, joints, and muscles in your back. This padded bench with tilt adjustment was designed in cooperation with Swedish Physical Therapist Lena Åhmansson. By angling the bench forward, you can improve the alignment of the discs and maintain the natural curve of the spine, reducing stress on your back. This sitting position approaches the natural posture you have when standing, in which pressure is equally distributed across the discs and cartilage, and tension on the muscles decreases.