Counterbalance beam, range of sizes

    Counterbalance beam, range of sizes
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    Counterbalance beam
    70 cm (27") (older model)89.00
    100 cm (39") (older model)99.00
    100 cm (39") (newer model)99.00
    120 cm (47") (newer model)99.00
    150 cm (59") (newer model)110.00
    160 cm (63") (newer model)110.00

    Older vs. newer model
    Do you have older pulleys? The new counterbalance beams are thicker than earlier beams: 1.75"w × 1.75"h, rather than 1.5"w × 1.5"h. If you have older pulleys, you will want to purchase an older beam. We have a lot of these in stock; please call us for details. New pulleys will fit either size beam.

    Simplest tie-up
    For 4-shaft projects we prefer the clean and large shed of the counterbalance tie-up, unless there is a very uneven distribution of warp threads on the shafts. It is the simplest tie up, and the heddles remain taut. This reduces any risk of "baggy heddle" syndrome, which can happen with a countermarch loom, especially with dense warps that use few treadles.

    Narrow warp?
    If you have put a narrow warp on wide loom, your shed will be improved with the use of our "shaft bras".

    How to set up
    Find detailed instructions for tying up the counterbalance loom in our "Flippy" instructional photo guide to dressing your loom the Vävstuga way, as well as in the Swedish Weaving Book.