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20/2 Worsted wool

    20/2 Worsted wool

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    Unit: 100 gr skein
    Stats: 100g = 950m (3.5oz = 1,039yd) / 9,500 meters/kilo (4,712 yards/pound)
    Stock: 99999 available
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    Our 20/2 worsted wool is a very fine plied yarn. Excellent for fine wool fabrics, fine pattern weft, tartan weaving, and beautiful wool shawls. It is a real pleasure to work with. We offer this large array of 94 colors by combining compatible 20/2 wool from two different Swedish companies, Klippans and Garnhuset.

    How do the two brands compare?
    Garnhuset yarns are a tad softer and shrink a wee bit more than the Klippan Mora yarns when thoroughly fulled, so you may not want to combine them in your warp, unless thoroughly mixed. [Garnhuset color numbers start with '02', Klippan Mora color numbers start with '20'.]