6/1 Singles wool Yarn-in-a-Jar

    6/1 Singles wool Yarn-in-a-Jar
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    6/1 Singles wool Yarn-in-a-Jar: 100 colors

    This jar contains our entire 6/1 wool lineup: our original Fårö wool colors from Klippan, plus 26 new colors from Garnhuset. You will not find this extensive color selection anywhere else.

    Our Yarn-in-a-Jar is an excellent solution for those of you who want to do some serious designing. This invaluable design tool gives you the opportunity to arrange the colors of our yarns in endless combinations without having to buy a whole skein of each one. These precious nuggets of color can be stored safely in your beautifully labeled jar and dumped into a basket or on a table to mix and match at your leisure.

    Traditional sample cards with miniscule samples firmly attached in place are increasingly difficult to come by, and computer screens vary in how accurately yarn colors are displayed. Our Yarn-in-a-Jar tool shows you accurate color, texture, with enough quantity of yarn for basic designing, and beautiful to see on your shelf as a constant temptation to encourage color playtime.