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6/2 Blanket wool

    6/2 Blanket wool

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    Unit: 100 gr skein
    Stats: 100g = 320m (3.5oz = 350yd) / 3,200 meters/kilo (1,588 yards/pound)
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    This is the infamous Swedish blanket wool, a 6/2 wool designed to full and fluff beautifully due to the choice of wool fiber and the soft twist.

    We share with you here the perfect Swedish blanket recipe:

    • 2/2 twill (this is not a balanced twill)
    • Sett: 30 dents/10 cm, 2 ends per dent (7.5-8 epi)
    • Weft density: 5 double picks in 2 cm
    • Finishing: agitate in warm/hot water with a very small amount of soap for 2-3 minutes. Rinse and spin. Dry in dryer at normal setting.

    Try this yarn also for knitting! Yarns designed for weaving tend to have a tighter twist, making them ideal for sturdy and long-lasting knitted goods in traditional styles.