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6/1 Tow linen - DYED

    6/1 Tow linen - DYED

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    Unit: 250 gr tube
    Stats: 250g = 1,050m (8.8oz = 1,148yd) / 4,200 meters/kilo (2,083 yards/pound)
    Stock: 99999 available
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    Size 6 tow linen from Bockens, in 43 beautiful colors.

    The "tow" are the shorter flax fibers as separated from the long fibers before the spinning process. These shorter fibers make a lovely linen yarn that is a bit more rustic in nature than the line linen made from the longer fibers. The fibers in our beautiful tow linens are long and strong; they make a beautiful warp yarn that students in our Swedish Classics class experience in the form of a beautiful little tablecloth using tow linen in both warp and weft. One of many classic uses for tow linen is weft for towels and runners.