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35/2 Linen lace yarn - HALF BLEACHED

    35/2 Linen lace yarn - HALF BLEACHED

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    Unit: 25 gr tube
    Stats: 25g = 265m (0.9oz = 290yd) / 10,600 meters/kilo (5,258 yards/pound)
    Stock: 99999 available
    Quantity in Basket: None
    half bleached

    35/2 linen lace yarn from Bockens.

    This is a high-quality plied linen yarn with a high twist. Specially designed for bobbin lace, it is also a delight to weave with, and comes in some very fine sizes as well as lovely colors. Hemming your fine linens is another important job for this beautiful and strong linen yarn. Waxing the yarn with beeswax makes it even easier to use for sewing.