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Öxabäck warping mill, range of sizes

    Öxabäck warping mill, range of sizes
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    from $450.00
    Öxabäck warping mill
    circumference price
    2.5 m (8')450.00
    3 m (10')675.00

    See our demo mini-movie below.

    The Best Ergonomic Choice

    Our warping mills allow you to wind beautifully tensioned warps with efficiency and ease. They are collapsible when not in use, to help save space in your studio. You will find detailed instructions for use in our "Flippy" instructional photo guide.

    2.5 m
    (Shown in first 2 photos.) This beautifully designed warping mill is short enough to comfortably fit on a table. Its perfectly proportioned base and little rubber feet offer unprecedented stability. It can comfortably accommodate a 12–15 m warp, or longer if you are using very fine materials for a narrow warp.

    3.0 m
    (Shown in 3rd photo.) This is the Cadillac of warping mills. It has 4 metal braces at its base. The nice heavy base is especially important for speed, long warps and heavy production. We generally wind all of our 20–30 m warps on this size mill, but we have even wound some narrow 40 m warps on it as well.