Boat shuttle (closed bottom, rollers), #16

    Boat shuttle (closed bottom, rollers), #16
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    Overall length = 31 cm (12")
    Box length = 12.5 cm (4.75")

    Rollers? - or no rollers? That is the question!

    Rollers can make the shuttle go faster, they are a little bit noisier, and can be a little bit bouncy in some sheds. The same Weaver may prefer a shuttle with rollers for one project, and a non-roller shuttle for another. Typically, a denser tighter warp will gain more benefit from a shuttle with rollers. Think of a little matchbox vehicle rolling across a hard floor versus getting stuck on a squishy carpet. It's one of those things you just need to try it out, and the warp will tell you which tool is preferable for the job at hand.