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Glimåkra Standard countermarch loom, 10 shafts, 10 treadles, various widths

    Glimåkra Standard countermarch loom, 10 shafts, 10 treadles, various widths
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    Countermarch loom, 10 shafts, 10 treadles
    100 cm (39")5850.00
    120 cm (47")6350.00
    150 cm (59")6850.00
    160 cm (63")7650.00

    Introducing a new Glimåkra product!
    A 100 cm Standard loom is now available! Our trials have proven that this model works reliably and comfortably with the standard 12 treadles, shafts and lamms of the regular width. Take care when shopping for this wonderful new loom, as other models may have thinner parts not durable for a wide variety of weaving projects. Contact us if you want to know more.

    In a countermarch tie-up the shafts are raised or lowered independently of each other — as compared to the counterbalance tie-up, where the shafts are balanced against each other. Since the shafts may be raised and lowered independently, the shed will be even and cleaner; this is an advantage in any weaving. Situations when this advantage will be especially significant include:

    • Multi-shaft weaving
    • When using delicate material
    • Uneven number of shafts
    • Narrow warp in a wide loom
    • Uneven distribution of warp threads in the shafts

    Two types of countermarches are available, one with two sets of horizontal jacks and the other with one set of vertical jacks. The horizontal countermarch has springier action and has lamm cords that go down through the middle of the warp. The vertical countermarch avoids contact with the warp by having its lamm cords go down the outside of the loom, using additional cord length going over pulleys; its action feels less "springy" and more "squishy".

    All of our Standard looms up to 12 shafts and 12 treadles come with shafts and lamms of the regular width and depth, reliable for any kind of weaving, be it rugged or delicate.