Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way, DVD

    Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way, DVD
    Full title: Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way: An in-depth study of time honored techniques
    Author: Becky Ashenden
    Details: Vävstuga Press, 1998. DVD, 120 minutes.
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    I have produced this instructional video on how to dress a loom as I was taught at the legendary Sätergläntan Hemslöjdens Gård craft school in Sweden. This two-hour video is packed with detailed instruction and has lots of close-up views of hands-on skills.

    The following chapters are indexed for quick reference:

    1. Winding the warp
    2. Prereeding
    3. Preparing the loom
    4. Preparing the warp for beaming
    5. Beaming the warp
    6. Threading the heddles
    7. Sleying the reed
    8. Tying the warp to the front of the loom
    9. 4-harness counterbalance tie-up
    10. Multi-harness counterbalance tie-up
    11. Damask pulleys
    12. Tying the treadles with knots
    13. Countermarch tie-up
    14. Introduction to weaving

    Save yourself a trip to Sweden with this video! ... Though Swedish equipment is used throughout, many of the steps can be adapted to other looms. ... Very clearly explained and expertly demonstrated.
    --Unicorn Books review

    This is an excellent video. It shows clearly the method that Ashenden so expertly explains. It is precise and complete, and it is especially important for those with Swedish looms who need information about how best to set up and work with their looms. In two hours, Ashenden makes the viewer feel as if she or he has had an introductory course at a Swedish weaving school. It will be a great addition to a guild or personal library.
    --Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot review

    Your video is so well-done, that I feel I can set up this loom & sit down & weave with confidence.
    --N.A. in RI

    As I played your video tape, I felt as if you were right in my living room. ... Your students will find it a delightful review as well as a comfortable reassurance in their own homes. I enjoyed it immensely. The directions were clearly explained and demonstrated. Well done!
    --E.T. in NY