Sectional warp beam, range of sizes

    Sectional warp beam, range of sizes
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    Sectional warp beam
    100 cm (39")470.00
    120 cm (47")495.00
    150 cm (59")520.00
    160 cm (63")540.00

    Wood with metal hoops. For some kinds of production work, a sectional warp beam can be a real time-saving tool.

    The Glimåkra sectional beam can be used without making long cords for each section. To accomplish this, there are three tie-on bar holders, which are trapezoid-shaped wooden parts which you place between two sections. Place the tie-on bar in the notches and tie the bar to the beam so it will stay in place as you start. Tie the warp ends to this bar and wind the length you want onto each section.

    When you are nearly finished weaving your warp, the tie-on bar will be uncovered. At this time you put the ordinary beam cords on your tie-on bar and attach them to the warp beam to weave your last yard of warp.

    If you do sectional warping you may also want to consider a Tension Box; contact us.