Double warp beam, range of sizes

    Double warp beam, range of sizes
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    Double warp beam
    100 cm (39")815.00
    120 cm (47")845.00
    150 cm (59")870.00
    160 cm (63")965.00

    If you like weaving with supplemental warp threads that do not "take up" at the same rate as the rest of your warp threads, a double warp beam can be the perfect solution in order to tension the two sets of warp threads separately.

    We offer double warp beams for Ideal and Standard looms. The "second" or double beam can be attached to the loom without drilling or cutting. The double warp beam kit consists of the second warp beam, a second back beam, the attaching components and needed parts including the ratchet, pawl, 2 lease sticks, a tie up bar, and 24 beaming sticks. Since no work is needed to modify the loom, the beam can be attached in a few minutes.