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Bench, adjustable, range of sizes

    Bench, adjustable, range of sizes
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    Bench, adjustable
    bench width 63 cm (25")255.00
    bench width 85 cm (33")285.00
    bench width 100 cm (39")325.00

    Solid wood, adjustable heights 19 to 27.5". Easy assembly.

    One of these sturdy adjustable benches comes with each loom purchase. We offer it here as a separate item in case you need to buy extras. To change the height of the bench, you simply remove 2 wing nuts, and move the dowel up or down on each side.

    How high should my bench be?
    It is important to adjust the bench height for an ergonomic weaving position. You want your elbows to be either at the height of the breast beam, or just above it. If your elbows are too low, you will experience back pain from holding your arms too high. If your elbows are too far above the breast beam, you will experience back pain from leaning over too much. Adjust the height of your bench first, and then adjust the height of your treadles to suit the comfort of your legs. (On a countermarch it may be best to adjust the height of the lamms: for example, a short person should angle the lamms at a slight angle upwards from the lamm pin. This assures that there is enough space between the lower lamms and treadles to form a shed.)

    You will want one of our lovely bench baskets to go with it. For projects with multiple shuttles and color changes, it works well to have a basket on each side of the bench.