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Aluminum beam protector, range of sizes

    Aluminum beam protector, range of sizes
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    Aluminum beam protector
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    160 cm (63")68.00

    Our aluminum beam protectors do just that: they protect your beams. If you buy a brand-new Glimäkra loom (or want a smooth surface on an older beam), there is a chance that the wood used is not quite as hard as Swedish wood from previous decades. The rate at which our world is exploiting its resources has not left Sweden with an abundance of slow-growth hard pine trees to use in their looms. It is a good idea to put these beam protectors in place on your breast beam and back beam in order to protect the loom from grooves created both by the loom cords, and by the warp threads themselves. This is especially important for a rug warp, or other warps under high tension.