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Vävstuga weaving sword, range of sizes

    Vävstuga weaving sword, range of sizes
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    Weaving sword
    thick28.25" x 2.5" x 1"35.00
    thin24" x 2.5" x .25"40.00

    Our thick and thin weaving swords are specially designed for two different purposes.

    The thick sort is for weaving sword damask. Its thickness makes it possible for it to stand on end at a midpoint between your heddles and the back of the loom to maintain an open pattern shed. This pattern shed opens through long-eye heddles on shafts, which are operated by treadles.

    The thinner weaving sword can be used for weaving Opphämta, among other possibilities. It gets raised on end and lowered alternately with each weaving shot. Since it is thin, when it lies down flat inside the pattern shed and is slid to the back of the loom, it does not disturb the subsequent treadled weaving shed.

    The use of both of these weaving swords is filmed and described in full in Becky's DVD Dress Your Swedish Drawloom.