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Dress Your Swedish Drawloom, online streaming

    Dress Your Swedish Drawloom, online streaming
    Full title: Dress Your Swedish Drawloom: Damask, Opphämta and related techniques
    Author: Becky Ashenden
    Details: Vävstuga Press, 2004. 128 minutes.
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    Available for purchase directly from Vimeo.

    Now available online for streaming, for those of you who are no longer using DVD players.

    Learn about several different types of drawlooms with this instructional video. It builds on the skills taught in my first video, Dress your Loom the Swedish Way. The details of setting up a warp on a Myrehed shaft draw, single unit, and combination systems are shown in detail on Swedish looms and reviewed with frequent diagrams. An Öxabäck loom demonstrates a single unit draw system with pattern-saving lashes and another chapter is devoted to various tie-ups and tie-up methods. Damask is thoroughly covered, including sword damask which uses only simple equipment. Opphämta is demonstrated with the weaving sword and the drawloom. The last chapter explains smålandsväv which although not actually a drawloom technique, uses two sets of shafts and is related to opphämta. There are many samples of weaving shown between the chapters along with authentic Swedish music played by Karin Myrehed, maker of the drawloom attachments.

    This video contains the following chapters:

    1. Mechanics of the Drawloom
    2. Extending the Loom
    3. Threading the Heddles
    4. Shaft Draw System
    5. Vertical Single Unit Draw System
    6. Combination of Shaft Draw and Single Draw
    7. Horizontal Single Unit Draw System with Lashes
    8. Sword Damask
    9. Tie-ups and Drafts
    10. Opphämta
    11. Smålandsväv