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Vävstuga band loom

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Pattern spreader for Vävstuga band loom

    Pattern spreader for Vävstuga band loom
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    See our demo mini-movie below.

    Our Vävstuga-made pattern spreader for the Vävstuga band loom, developed out of many years of band weaving experience, is the perfect tool for weaving intricate patterned bands with accuracy and ease. The ability to spread the pattern threads out in a variety of densities augments the versatility of this tool. Whether used with coarse or fine threads, our spreader makes weaving exquisite patterned bands accessible to both novice and experienced weavers.

    We highly recommend that you also purchase our lease stick holder for the Vävstuga band loom, to use in conjunction with our pattern spreader tool.


    • Pattern spreader with wooden comb
    • Instruction booklet
    • Beads and nuts for our 9 pattern thread example