Smörgåsbord table set

    Smörgåsbord table set
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    from $75.00
    Table set to go - warp for napkins + tablecloths
    6 napkins4 meters75.00
    8 napkins5 meters90.00
    12 napkins7 meters115.00
    3 small tablecloths3.5 meters125.00
    2 large tablecloths3.5 meters170.00
    3 small tablecloths + 8 napkins2 warps, lengths above190.00
    2 large tablecloths + 8 napkins2 warps, lengths above230.00
    All Warps-to-go are custom wound per order and are not returnable.

    See Becky's video below for demo and tips.

    Our gorgeous table sets will bring joy to your dinners and picnics. Purchase a warp all ready to beam onto your loom at home. No need to worry about the math, simply choose a colorway and let us do the rest.


    • Warp chain/s - 8/2 cotton
    • Weft pack - 8/2 cotton, the same colors as your warp
    • Project sheet for plain weave

    Project details:

    • All warps are wound with 2 or 4 ends in hand ready for beaming, as described in our "Flippy" book.
    • Napkins - 42 cm wide (40 dent reed)
    • Small tablecloth - 74cm (45 dent reed), or 84cm (40 dent reed)
    • Large tablecloth - 111cm (45 dent reed), or 125cm (40 dent reed)
    • Shrinkage might be around 10%
    • 2 or 4 shafts, 2 treadles
    • Heddles required: 336 for napkins, 672 for small tablecloth, 1000 for large tablecloth