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Warp sticks (24 pack), range of sizes

    Warp sticks (24 pack), range of sizes
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    Warp sticks (24 pack)
    80 cm (31")47.00
    100 cm (39")47.00
    120 cm (47")47.00
    150 cm (59")65.00
    160 cm (63")65.00

    If you have never used warp sticks before while beaming, you are in for a real treat. Sticks provide a rigid flat surface exactly the full width of your loom on which you can wind 2-7 revolutions of warp (the finer and/or sparser your warp ends, the more revolutions between stick layers).

    For pictorial instructions of the beaming process, check out our "Flippy" guide to dressing your loom.

    How many sticks do I need to use?
    warp type# of sticks
    Heavy duty linen rug warp, dense warps such as rep1 revolution of the warp beam with sticks + 2 revolutions without sticks
    Our basic treatment for projects using balanced weaves and medium-sized threads1 revolution of the warp beam with sticks + 3 revolutions without sticks
    Fine threads or sparse warps that do not pile high up on the beam so quickly1 revolution of the warp beam with sticks + 5-6 revolutions without sticks

    If your edge threads start to sag a little bit during the beaming process, you should have put your next layer of sticks in a little sooner or you should be beaming with more tension.