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Shaft supports ("shaft holders") (pair), range of sizes

    Shaft supports ("shaft holders") (pair), range of sizes
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    Shaft supports (pair)
    4 shaft21.00
    6 shaft21.00
    8 shaft21.00
    10 shaft21.00
    12 shaft25.00

    A pair of shaft supports comes with each new loom, so why should you buy extra ones?

    If, for example, you have purchased a 12 shaft loom, and your shaft supports hold 12 shafts, they are long and gangly to use when you are setting up a project for only 4 shafts. In our studio, we always use a pair of shaft support that fits exactly the number of shafts that we are using any particular time, which makes the whole process a bit more pleasant and tidy.

    In that same vein, if you have only the longer shaft safety pins, you might also want to purchase the smaller pins for a project with 4 shafts.