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Vävstuga band loom

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Shaft drawloom

    Shaft drawloom
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    Shaft drawloom
    regular - fits 39" or 47" loom (100 or 120 cm)1350.00
    wide - fits 59" or 63" loom (150 or 160 cm)1550.00

    Includes 10 shafts, 200 weights, and drawcord. Expandable to 50 shafts. (Loom extension and heddles sold separately.)

    Check out our Drawloom Basics class and our Drawloom Treasures weeks to learn more about what you can do with this intriguing and elusive piece of equipment. It's really just made up of more sticks and strings to make those warp threads go up and down in a slightly different variety of ways.

    photo credits:
    shaft draw opphämta (browns) by Bettes Silver Schack
    shaft draw damask (blues and pinks) by Mary Beebe