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Vävstuga triangles (pair)

    Vävstuga triangles (pair)
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    These counterbalance-style triangles are not only adorable, but also very practical. They are the perfect solution for tying up 3 shafts. As you can see in our demo video below, as one corner of the triangle gets pulled down, the other two must go up, so you get a dependable even shed with equal tension at top and bottom. The triangles can be hung from any upper cross bar on your loom. Experience them first-hand in our studio during our More Swedish Classics class.

    Why triangles?
    Counterbalance horses and pulleys do not give as good a shed with 3 shafts as with 4, and even the countermarch tie-up can have its drawbacks on a dense warp if the weight of the treadles does not keep the heddles taut.

    What can I make with this charming tool?
    Three-shaft twill ticking is a perfect choice. We make a beautiful ticking in our studio in 3-shaft twill using 30/2 cotton in a 110 dent reed 3 per dent, or 24/2 cotton in a 100 dent reed 3 per dent.

    Have fun with this wonderful hard to find tool!