Vävstuga reed hook

    Vävstuga reed hook
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    With years of experience and experimentation with design, we are proud to offer this high quality, user-friendly sleying hook at a terrific price.

    handle: 3.75"
    blade: 2.5"
    overall: 6.25"

    Our Vävstuga band knife and reed hook are created by Lamson & Goodnow, which began as a scythe manufacturer in 1834 in Shelburne Falls, MA. Today, Vävstuga's neighbor produces world-class cutlery in buildings dating from 1850. They have made a few changes over the years by adding hi-tech lasers, robots and grinding equipment to assist their skilled craftsmen.

    The tools Lamson & Goodnow have manufactured for us have resin-impregnated wood handles, which are attached to the spring steel blade with cutler's rivets. Each tool has been beautifully etched with the Vävstuga logo.