Canoeist plaid fabric

    Canoeist plaid fabric
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    Plaid fabric to go - warp options
    warp widthwarp lengthprice
    4 repeats (67 cm in reed)3 meters125.00
    4 repeats (67 cm in reed)6 meters195.00
    5 repeats (84 cm in reed)3 meters142.00
    5 repeats (84 cm in reed)6 meters230.00
    6 repeats (101 cm in reed)3 meters160.00
    6 repeats (101 cm in reed)6 meters263.00
    All Warps-to-go are custom wound per order and are not returnable.

    Weaving your own plaid fabric is fun and rewarding. if you are planning to sew clothing, there is no need to tie the ends back into the fabric, which saves a lot of time, just keep all the shuttles connected and use them as needed. This sturdy fabric could be great for winter shirts, skirts, suits, jackets, bags, and more. No need to worry about the math, simply choose a colorway and let us do the rest.


    • Warp chain - 22/2 cottolin
    • Weft pack - 22/2 cottolin, same colors as warp
    • Project sheet

    Project details:

    • All warps are wound with 2 or 4 ends in hand ready for beaming, as described in our "Flippy" book.
    • Reed - 50 dent for twill
    • Shrinkage might be around 8-10%
    • 4 shafts, 2 treadles
    • Heddles required: 656 for 4 repeats, 820 for 5 repeats, 984 for 6 repeats