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Myggtjäll curtains

    Myggtjäll curtains
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    Curtains to go - warp length options
    4 meter warp chain + weft (1 standard window) - unbleached90.00
    4 meter warp chain + weft (1 standard window) - bleached100.00
    8 meter warp chain + weft (2 standard windows) - unbleached135.00
    8 meter warp chain + weft (2 standard windows) - bleached150.00
    All Warps-to-go are custom wound per order and are not returnable. You may request a quote for a custom length warp.

    Becky first wove these lightweight, somewhat transparent curtains as an extra project towards the end of her five-month weaving class in Sweden in 1981. Their lacy structure and uneven denting give them a pleasing look; they are one of our most popular. Purchase a warp all ready to beam onto your loom at home. No need to worry about the math, simply choose your color and let us do the rest.

    If you keep a somewhat loose warp tension and putting your foot up from the treadle as you swing the beater forward, leaving plenty of slack thread from the shuttle, you may not need to use a temple - resulting in beautiful selvedges.


    • Warp chain - 20/2 cotton, unbleached or bleached
    • Weft pack - We will supply enough of the same yarn as the warp
    • Project sheet

    Project details:

    • All warps are wound with 4 ends in hand ready for beaming, as described in our "Flippy" book.
    • Reed - 100 dents per 10cm
    • Pre-sley reed - 35 dents per 10cm, or 40 dents per 10cm (10 epi)
    • Width in reed - 90 cm
    • 4 shafts, 3 or 4 treadles
    • Heddles required: 1242