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Texsolv cord (per yard), range of sizes

    Texsolv cord (per yard), range of sizes
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    Texsolv cord (per yard)
    Heavy, 0.75" eye1.75
    Heavy, long 1.5" eye1.75

    Texsolv cord is the invention that has revolutionized the way people tie up their looms the whole world over. We offer it in three different types:

    Regular - This is the basic cord we use for almost everything such as treadle cords, countermarch cords, lamm cords and more. It is designed for use with the two kinds of Texsolv plastic pegs.

    Heavy - We mostly use this for beam cords for connecting the tie-bar to the warp and cloth beams. You can use it together with the Texsolv plastic pegs, but it is not as snug a fit.

    Long-eye - This cord is actually designed as treadle cord for the Öxabäck loom manufacturing company, but we use it to attach horses to the shafts in the counterbalance tie-up, among other things.