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Öxabäck Lilla countermarch loom, 8 shafts, 8 treadles, various widths

    Öxabäck Lilla countermarch loom, 8 shafts, 8 treadles, various widths
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    Öxabäck Lilla countermarch loom
    60 cm (24")2400.00
    80 cm (31")2600.00
    100 cm (39")2800.00

    See our demo mini-movie below.

    Inspired by the style of so many beautifully handmade looms over many centuries, this loom gives you an exhilarating feeling of keeping an age-old tradition alive. The minute you put your hand on the beautifully shaped and weighted beater, you just want to stay on the bench and weave on into the night.

    The comfortable ergonomics of this sturdy little loom are like a dream come true. The smooth action of the vertical countermarch using up to 8 shafts provides a reliably clean and large shed. Dressing this little loom is surprisingly easy, since much of the the countermarch tie-up can be left in place from project to project. Our Vävstuga Tie-Up System conversion kit makes tying up the treadles a breeze.

    The beams are made of beech, which is a strong wood to protect the surface from becoming grooved by beam cords or warp threads. The substantial beech treadles enhance the action of the vertical countermarch tie-up. The rest of the loom is made of hard Swedish pine, known for its stability and strength in all climates.

    Folding feature:
    Lilla has a wonderful space-saving feature. Just turn a few convenient knobs to move the back beam up or down. Even with the loom fully dressed and in the middle of a project, you can fold the back beam up to save a significant amount of space.


    weaving widthfootprintfolded up
    60 cm (24")78 cm x 112 cm (31" x 44")78 x 82 cm (31" x 32")
    80 cm (31")98 cm x 112 cm (39" x 44")98 x 82 cm (39" x 32")
    100 cm (39")118 cm x 112 cm (46" x 44")118 x 82 cm (46" x 32")