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Wood temple, range of sizes

    Wood temple, range of sizes
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    Our high-quality wooden temples are made of birch, which is strong as well as beautiful. The teeth are exceptionally thin, which makes these temples the best choice for fine weaving. The tighter the weave, the more need there is for a temple to prevent broken warp threads, reed damage, and curved shapes to your fell line.

    See also my instructional mini-movie below about how to adjust a temple.

    Wood temple
    20–25 cm (8–10")48.00
    25–32 cm (10–13")48.00
    30–40 cm (12–16")52.00
    35–45 cm (14–18")52.00
    40–55 cm (16–22")56.00
    50–75 cm (20–31")56.00
    60–90 cm (24–36")60.00
    70–110 cm (28–43")64.00
    80–130 cm (32–51")72.00
    100–165 cm (40–66")84.00