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Myrehed shaft drawloom and extension for Julia

    Myrehed shaft drawloom and extension for Julia
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    These attachments allow you to use your Julia as a drawloom.

    The Julia extension is added to the back of the Julia when the drawloom is in use. Easily constructed, it adds 99 cm (39 inches) to the length of the loom, allowing the weaver to sit comfortably inside the loom when threading the heddles and sleying the reed.

    The Myrehed shaft drawloom attachment fits on top of the Julia loom and extension. It has the capacity for up to 20 pattern shafts. Used together with the 8-shaft countermarch, it allows for complex damask designs, as well as figured patterning in many other weave structures.


    • Julia extension
    • Myrehed shaft drawloom attachment
    • 21 pattern shafts
    • 20 wooden pull-handles
    • 800 pattern heddles
    • 800 long-eye heddles
    • 200 lingoes
    • a roll of Texsolv
    • buttonhole elastic
    • Becky's DVD Dress Your Swedish Drawloom
    • recipe for a beautiful damask project

    To learn more about drawloom weaving on the Julia, see our (free!) Julia drawloom video on Vävstuga Video Classes.