Countermarch, vertical, range of sizes

    Countermarch, vertical, range of sizes
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    Countermarch, vertical
    100 cm (39")675.00
    120 cm (47")675.00
    150 cm (59")715.00
    160 cm (63")715.00

    The countermarch action makes it possible to get a reliable and clean shed with multiple shafts. The shafts are raised and lowered independently of each other. This may be an advantage in any of the following examples:

    • multi-shaft weaving
    • using an uneven number of shafts
    • weaving a narrow warp in a wide loom
    • uneven distribution of warp threads on the shafts

    The Vävstuga tie-up system has revolutionized the speed and ease with which countermarch loom can be tied up and made ready for weaving.