Moekad Muhu Siilikud (Fashionable Muhu Skirts)

    Moekad Muhu Siilikud <i>(Fashionable Muhu Skirts)</i>
    Full title: Moekad Muhu Siilikud: Muhu Seelikukanga Kudumine (Fashionable Muhu Skirts: Weaving Muhu skirt fabric)
    Author: Veinika Västrik & Margot Marks
    Details: Saara Kirjastus 2016. 8.25" x 12", hardcover, 96pp.
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    This luscious book in full color (and fully in the Estonian language) is truly candy for the eyes. There are several detailed patterns and photographed close-ups of beautiful wool skirts made in the folk tradition. (Muhu is an island off the west coast of Estonia, and has extremely distinctive folk costumes, arguably some of the very most beautiful in the country.) Many graphed weaving patterns are included, and anyone who weaves with float patterns on a plain weave ground has much to gain from the pages within this book. There are also some excellent detailed in close-ups of construction and finishing of the garments. This book is a feast for the eyes even for the many of us have no Estonian language skills.