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Östgötadräll (Woven coverlets from Östergötland)

    &Ouml;stg&ouml;tadr&auml;ll <i>(Woven coverlets from &Ouml;sterg&ouml;tland)</i>
    Full title: Östgötadräll: Vävda sängtäcken från Östergötland (Woven coverlets from Östergötland)
    Author: Ann-Sofie Svansbo, Östergötlands läns Hemslöjdföreningen
    Details: Centraltryackeriet Linköping AB, 2010. 8.5" x 11", hardcover, 88pp.
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    This book presents a glorious collection of Östergötland's woven bedcovers from the 1800s which kept people warm both in beds and in open sleighs. The rich colors and distinctive block damask patterns define the weaving tradition from this area. The main part of the book contains photograph after photograph of either the whole coverlet or a close-up of the woven side. The backsides of the coverlets are equally intriguing and are beautifully photographed to show the wide variety of exquisite quilting patterns and their borders. Although this book does not go into depth with the weaving drafts, profile drawdowns clearly show how the blocks are arranged, and the weave structures used are usually four shaft twill or broken twill, though five shaft satin is found as well. We refer you to page 19-21 of Weave Structures the Swedish Way to find instructions for threading, treadling, and tie-up for the coverlets presented in this wonderful book.