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Vevtradisjon til hygge og nytte (Weaving traditions for coziness and usefulness)

    Vevtradisjon til hygge og nytte <i>(Weaving traditions for coziness and usefulness)</i>
    Author: Ranen huslfidslag
    Details: Ranen huslfidslag, 2004. 9.5" x 6.75", hardcover, 93pp.
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    If you are fascinated by those beautiful sheepskin coverlets from Norway and Sweden, this little book is exactly what you need for inspiration. Most of the patterns were either woven or collected by Brynhild Petersen, one of the founders of the Ranen Husflidslag (an art & culture cooperative) in Norway. She generously shared her collection with the group and 31 members wove new examples for this book. Skillbragd (Smålandsväv in Swedish) is prominently featured with plentiful examples beautifully photographed, either as large pieces or as close-ups. Some are more historic and others more modern, all offering inspiration in which to take this beautiful structure. In addition there are several other traditional and unusual four-shaft projects for you to discover and enjoy. In Norwegian.

    If you have taken our Vävstuga Basics and require more instruction in English for Skillbragd/Smålandsväv, consider joining us for a Vävstuga Favorites or Farmhouse Projects session to learn more about this double harness structure that requires two sets of shafts.