Estonian Knitting: Traditions and Techniques

    Estonian Knitting: Traditions and Techniques
    Author: Anu Pink, Siiri Reimann, & Kristi Jõeste
    Details: Saara Publishing House, 2016. 8.75" x 11.75", hardcover. 300pp.
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    This is an incredibly large and thorough collection of traditional knitting techniques from Estonia, and it's in the English language! Not only are there many details of intricate stitches (including many lace stitches), but also details of traditional garments such as mittens, gloves, socks, shawls, hats, sweaters, and jackets. Beautiful historic pictures of people, tools, and older knitted textiles are simply wonderful to behold. There is tremendous variety of complicated patterning as well as unusual shapes and styles to the garments. Several intriguing finishing techniques are spelled out in detail, including fancy fringes, and a beautiful section of graphed patterns could be used for weaving as well as for knitting. There are so many different kinds of beautiful materials and information in this book, it is really an amazing addition to anyone's collection.