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Tuskaft (Plain Weave)

    Tuskaft <i>(Plain Weave)</i>
    Author: Tina Ignell
    Details: TB Ignell, 2017. 8.5" x 8.5", hardcover, 196pp.
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    Tina brings us an exhaustive and beautiful study of plain weave in seemingly endless variations requiring just 2 shafts (often threaded on 4 to give the threads more room), using a wide variety of materials and techniques. Each fabric is photographed as close as possible to life-size, so when you flip through the book it feels like you are leafing through actual woven swatches, such that you almost want to reach in and touch them. Starting out with unique balanced plain weave examples in stripes and plaids, the book continues with sparse and dense setts and beats. Color effects in warp and weft are well represented, as well as inspirational new twists on rep weave, including open rep showing bits of weft. Other techniques include using a specialty fan reed, weaving in pleats and other textures, ikat variations and other patterned dyeing techniques, and also wild creativity such as making knots in a paper yarn weft for a textured effect. In Swedish. (Now also available in English.)