Weaving Patterned Bands

    Weaving Patterned Bands
    Full title: Weaving Patterned Bands: How to Create and Design with 5, 7, and 9 Pattern Threads
    Author: Susan J. Foulkes
    Details: Schiffer Publishing, 2018. 10.5" x 7.5", hardcover, 152pp.
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    Profusely illustrated, with numerous clear instructional diagrams and photographs, this book presents easy-to-follow step by step instructions for weaving narrow patterned bands on rigid heddles. Susan also goes into some depth describing how to design your own patterns, offering plenty for the beginner and avid band weaver alike. The more than 140 colorful Nordic patterns are neatly organized in categories, with many tips and tricks along the way. A section with instructions for picking patterns on an inkle loom, and an extensive bibliography, are also included.