Bärbart (Wearable)

    B&auml;rbart <i>(Wearable)</i>
    Author: Mariana Eriksson & Kerstin Lovallius
    Details: Vävform, 2014. 7" x 10", hardcover, 93pp.
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    This little book presents a wide array of small weaving projects that can be worn. These creative examples include armbands, necklaces, bracelets, rings, innovative little bags, mittens, slippers, and belts. There are even suggestions for cane covers and a dog leash, as well as some beautiful scarves and hats. The book begins with a few suggestions and drafts for a beautiful jacket and dress fabric. Most of these projects are so small that a floor loom is not required, making this book suitable for owners of smaller looms such as rigid heddle or table looms. Mariana and Kerstin are renowned weaving teachers in Sweden, pushing us to think outside of the box, and to introduce outlandish creativity in our weaving projects. These authors have also provided us with Warp and Weft, Väv & Weave, Väv Som Vi!, and The Swedish Weaving Book.