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Rya Rugs: Design and Make Your Own

    Rya Rugs: Design and Make Your Own
    Author: Melinda Purcell Byrd
    Details: Byrdcall Studio, 2020. 8.75" x 11.25", hardcover, 298pp.
    Byrdcall Studio, 2021 reprint. 8.5" x 11", softcover, 298pp.
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    Learn the art of designing and making a rya rug in Nordic traditions without a loom or special equipment. In the days of the Vikings, ryas were woven on looms with a wool pile that gave warm insulation in the cold winters. They were used as warm cloaks on a freezing sea, sleigh blankets, and bed coverings. Today, you can make authentic, heirloom-quality rya rugs to enjoy as art on your walls, floors, beds, and more. This colorful book, rich with photos, offers historical context, relates personal stories by experienced rya rug makers from across the USA and the Nordic countries, but most of all it shares all the tips and tricks of how to make a rya rug step-by-step, as well as how to design your own. It will be appreciated by both novice and advanced rya rug makers.