Rugger og Brossar: Åkle i Setesdal (Coverlets from Setesdal)

    Rugger og Brossar: &Aring;kle i Setesdal <i>(Coverlets from Setesdal)</i>
    Author: Bøe, Karin
    Details: Portal, 2012. 8.5" x 11.25", hardcover, 272pp.
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    As explained in this outstanding Norwegian coverlet book, Karin has researched and registered 233 Norwegian coverlets from Setesdal with diverse weaving techniques: square weave (smetting), plain weave with pick-and-pick, rosepath, krokbragd, and diamond twill. They were from Bykle, Valle, and Bygland in Setesdal. Most were in private hands, and some in museums and other collections.

    An åkle [“OH kleh] is a woven coverlet that was used on a bed. It adorned a bed in the main room by day and was a warm covering at night. But in Setesdal they didn’t use the word åkle. Furthest north in Setesdal, in Bykle and Valle, they called it a rugge (plural ruggar); further south, in Hylestad and Bygland, they used the term brosse.

    In Norwegian.