Börja Väv! (Begin to Weave!)

    B&ouml;rja V&auml;v! <i>(Begin to Weave!)</i>
    Author: Nina Bäckman, Annika Elmqvist, Tina Ingell, Bengt Arne Ingell
    Details: Vävmagasinet, 2005. 8.5" x 8.5", hardcover, 82pp.
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    Although this book is designed to teach children to weave, it is a real treat for adults as well. The first page of the book introduces us to a delightful little yellow bird who was weaving in Africa long before people were weaving. We learn something about the bird's weaving technique, and she returns page after page to help us learn other techniques as well. Several kinds of simple small looms are presented using such raw materials as a stick of wood with nails, a willow twig, popsicle sticks, and a small frame. A freestyle tapestry piece is woven with a rags on a hanging warp strung up between two sticks from the woods. Other sections introduce a variety of band weaving techniques using beads, flossa knots, cards and the popsicle stick loom. The last section introduces weaving on a small table loom and gives detailed instructions on dressing the loom. Projects on the table loom include a pillow made of worn-out jeans, a wool pillow and other creative ventures. There is even a little section on drafting in the back, including a bit of history. Everything about this book is absolutely charming as well as very clear and instructive. In Swedish with English supplement.