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Warp with a Trapeze & Dance with Your Loom

    Warp with a Trapeze & Dance with Your Loom
    Author: Kati Reeder Meek
    Details: Penannular Press International, 2005. 11" x 8", softcover, black and white, 48pp.
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    Conquer the challenge of beaming a warp on your loom with fantastic tension all by yourself! Kati's in-depth presentation of the warping trapeze and its many variations will meticulously guide every loom owner to success. Detailed instructions on preparing a jack loom for beaming using a raddle are followed by her complete loom dressing techniques, with great attention to ergonomics every step of the way. These techniques can be applied to any loom, and Kati's plentiful photographs (often four or more per page) and enthusiastic and encouraging writing style will be a joy for everyone who owns this book. She also instructs us in using "live tension" for weaving, which provides very even and stress-free tension for delicate warps. A Q&A section at the back as well as a supplier's list, reading list, and fitness aids list provide great references.