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I Trasmattans värld: från A–Ö (The World of Rag Rugs)

    I Trasmattans v&auml;rld: fr&aring;n A&ndash;&Ouml; <i>(The World of Rag Rugs)</i>
    Full title: I Trasmattans värld: från A–Ö (The World of Rag Rugs: from A–Ö)
    Author: Monica Hallén
    Details: Halléns Design, 2017. 9.75" x 9.75", hardcover, 128pp.
    Preview: You can watch our Book Preview video below.
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    This is a unique alphabet book about Swedish rag rugs. Monica goes through the Swedish alphabet letter by letter, finding words that pertain to the making of the quintessential traditional Swedish rag rug. Her exquisite rugs presented here are inspired by older rag rugs that have been forgotten and hidden away. These older rugs tell us stories about the frugal lives of our forebears, as we analyze the colors in stripes and see how even the smallest piece of cloth was considered a precious thing. This is worth embracing even today: re-purposing our scraps can be a matter of course, as we keep a valuable tradition alive. Stunning designs such as these can be made from the simplest of weave structures and materials. This beautiful book will spark a desire to use your own scraps (or scraps acquired from others) to create breathtaking new rugs inspired by brilliant weavers of the past. In Swedish.