Krokbragd Patterns

    Krokbragd Patterns
    Author: Debby Greenlaw
    Details: Debby Greenlaw, 2021. 11" x 8.5", softcover, 325pp.
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    Debby Greenlaw's sequel to her popular book Krokbragd: How to Design & Weave focuses on an extensive collection of individual motifs and borders that are possible in this beautiful Scandinavian weaving technique. Full project designs are included, as well as instructions on combining motifs, altering colors, and adding embellishments. Debby's innovative approach to presenting the weaving drafts allows you to complete any of the 3-shaft patterns whether weaving on a floor, table, or rigid-heddle loom.

    Eighteen talented weavers from around the world wove many of the projects. In addition to the book’s drafts, instructions, photos, and suggested variations, these weavers bring their extraordinary insights and helpful advice for weaving the individual projects. Combined with Debby's design tips, the possibilities for weaving Krokbragd are endless!